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Ventures we are building

We have an exciting portfolio of early-stage industrial innovations that we can’t wait to show the world.

Energy Systems

Alma Clean Power

Alma is a provider of zero emission energy solutions for maritime, offshore and landbased applications. It offers highly efficient, compact and modular solutions based on the solide oxide high-temperature fuel cell technology with ability to run on multiple fuels, such as ammonia, hydrogen, methanol, biogas and liquified natural gas. In a time where future fuel availability is uncertain, Alma's technology allows ship owners to reduce risk by choosing the engine, not the fuel type.

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Advanced materials


Additech is a leading Norwegian company in additive manufacturing services, offering end-to-end solutions to its customers, with in-house quality 3D printing facilities. Additech’s expertise within product optimization design and engineering is helping industrial companies enhance the performance of crucial components, while simultaneously reducing delivery time, costs and environmental footprints.

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Advanced materials


LayerOne aims to provide the highest quality graphene materials at a global industrial scale. The company pushes the boundaries of materials by utilizing its proprietary scalable technology to deliver high-quality graphene oxide. LayerOne also creates customized technologies that enable the use of graphene in a vast variety of applications and industries with a core focus on energy storage, composites and coatings, and advanced water solutions.

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Circular economy old


A compact, self-supported waste handling system enabling waste such as fish sludge, sewage sludge and food waste to be used for clean energy production. Microwave assisted pyrolysis and gasification (MAP-G) is a proprietary technology converting waste into bio-syngas that can be used as input in fuel cells for clean energy production. The MAP-G technology is solving a large waste issue and enabling circular economy.

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