About us

We are Norway's first industrial venture lab

We are a leading provider of innovation, R&D and venture support.


Veronika og Ivar

We create breakthroughs within the net zero challenge and build industrial technology companies

Our powerful innovation capacity built on our core competencies through 30 years of experience, enables us to be a collaborating partner with major industrial companies both nationally and internationally.

Our purpose is to create a globally leading portfolio of the next generation of leading industrial companies built on deep technical innovations

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Our values

At the heart of our company lies a set of values that shape everything we do. These values serve as our guiding principles, influencing the direction we take, the decisions we make, and the way we interact with others.

We constantly strive to live up to our ideals in every aspect of our business


We are committed to be ethical, honest and genuine in everything we do, and we show through our actions that we are a trusted partner and supplier. We always deliver on our commitments. Trust is the basis for everything we do and we have confidence in each other.


We are committed to develop new zero emission technologies and create opportunities that will bring these into the world. We encourage our colleagues to expand their knowledge and network, be curious, and continuously improve their skills. Our work environment stimulates creative thinking.


We are committed to respect and care for our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders, and we care for our planet. We make each other stronger working together as one team. We are openminded and good listeners. We aim for an equal and just work environment, including different nationalities, genders and disabilities. We don’t accept any kind of harassment.

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The name Clara represents our attempt to follow in the footsteps of the great adventurer, inventor and scientist Odd Dahl

Clara is the heroine of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, The Nutcracker. Once nighttime falls, Clara finds herself in the middle of an adventure, traveling to magical new lands.