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Clara Venture Labs is an early-stage venture lab. A leading provider of innovation, R&D services and venture support.

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Following in the footsteps of the remarkable adventurer Odd Dahl, Clara Venture Labs will dive deeper, go further and reach higher in order to find the innovations of the future.

Learn about our process

Clara Venture Labs uses a proven process to effectively scale ideas.



Our process is meticulous and intensive, and it all starts with the ideas:

  • We generate as many ideas as possible based on our innovation themes.
  • We sort out which ideas have the potential to live on.


The next step is all about attacking the ideas from every angle:

  • We develop, design, and build prototypes of the technologies
  • We test and analyse the ideas and technologies
  • We attempt to kill the ideas and technologies as soon as possible - in order to find the ones that have the most potential for survival.


Step three is about building on what’s already there:

  • If the ideas are still alive after a grueling step two, it is time to become a venture.
  • We give the scientists, engineers and developers access to our vast bank of resources, help them refine the technology and product, establish manufacturing facilities and commercial business development capabilities



Finally, step four is where all the hard work shows:

  • After much scrutiny and intense pressure, the idea that once was a rock, is now shaped into a diamond.
  • The adventure will now live on as separate venture.