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Clara Venture Labs is dedicated to the development and origination of breakthrough innovation technologies and materials.

We use a systematic approach to launching new technology ventures. In the verify phase, the project teams focuse on systematically accelerating the TRL of new technologies as rapidly as possible

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Our facilities

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Energy lab

State-of-the-art energy lab with complete set-up for gas infrastructure, safety systems, power electronics, instrumentation and analysis equipment

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Vibration testing lab

Vibration lab for vibration and shock testing

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Cleanroom facility

Cleanroom facility with a 25 sqm class ISO 7 (class 10 000) clean room

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Manufacturing facilities

Modern equipped workshop with manufacturing services, testing, ultrasonic cleaning and repairs.

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Measurement laboratory

Measurement lab for control, inspection and verifications, with a 3D numerical controlled measurement bench

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Materials characterization lab

Dedicated lab for materials characterization including optical microcopy, FTIR, UV-VIS, automated titration, determination of viscosity and measurements of pH and conductivity and sample preparation

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Lab scale experimentation facility

Lab space for materials development and modification including ultra sound bath and probe, heating, rotavapor, pressure vessels, set up for chemical functionalization, set up for synthesis with inert gas and reflux, centrifuge and basic lab equipment

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Materials testing facilities

Screening and suspension testing for stability, acidity, humidity, consistency