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Fuel cells running on natural gas and hydrogen

Teknisk Ukeblad tells the story. The story about the fuel cell concept that delivers 32 megawatts from fuel cells running on natural gas and hydrogen. A technology developed by Clara (previously Prototech) in cooperation with Statoil and Shell.


By Geir Omdal, Head of Marketing at Clara Published

The project is called Clean Highly Efficient Offshore Power (CHEOP). It is based on experience from 20 years of fuel cell projects at Clara (previously Prototech).

For the offshore industry to reduce emissions, increase power efficiency and limit the need for long power cables to remote offshore locations, a fuel cell system developed for offshore power is an ideal candidate. With electric efficiencies of 60%, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced to 50% of the original values. The long-term vision is zero emission power production by including carbon capture and storage (CCS).

For topside utilization (see concept image), the goal is replacing the existing gas turbines with fuel cells. Due to the importance of footprint and mass on offshore facilities, a key element is to keep the fuel cell modules compact without the need for extended structures.

Read more in Teknisk Ukeblad (Norwegian)

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Arild Vik

Arild Vik

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