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Clara Venture Labs signs the FUTURE-PROOF poster

Clara Venture Labs (CVL) develops innovative technologies that will make a difference in the green shift. With this comes a responsibility to contribute to an equal restructuring that safeguards human rights. In order to enhance the visibility of social sustainability, CVL has signed the FUTURE-PROOF poster.


By Annette Frotjold Published

We work within technology development, and it is important that our industry establishes requirements towards suppliers and partners for the fulfilment of human rights, contributing to compliance in the whole value chain. Signing the FUTURE PROOF poster will contribute to creating awareness among our stakeholders – employees, the board, owners and partners

Michelle Williams

There’s a lot of focus on how the society can achieve the green shift as fast as possible. CLV, together with the rest of the technology business has an important responsibility to ensure the safeguarding of human rights. In practice, this means that we need to include good procedures and processes in our governance systems, and these must be supported by the management and the board. We must make sure that that they are implemented in the organization and brought forward as requirements and expectations to our suppliers and business partners”, explains Williams.

To make sure this will happen, CVL has established a task force that, among others, focuses on the adaption of governing documentation, as well as training of employees.

Large parts of the work to raise awareness internally and externally will be about outlining requirements and following them up. Complex value chains can make it difficult to ensure fulfilment of the requirements.

«The challenge is often to collect correct data, so that we can influence stakeholders in the right direction”, says Williams.

“We believe that a collaboration through FUTURE-PROOF will enhance our company’s position. Increased competence and experience exchange with other companies in similar situations will be important in order to have continuous progress in this important work”, concludes Williams.

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Michelle Williams together with Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt from Raftostiftelsen

About the Future Proof poster

The FUTURE-PROOF poster aims to unite and enhance the visibility of businesses that wish to be at the forefront in discussions, and collaborate about our common human rights challenges. It shall inspire, challenge, and contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The poster has an underlaying commitment to comply with the UN’s guiding principles on business and human rights (UNGP) and to contribute towards FUTURE-PROOF by sharing knowledge and experiences. The poster does not expect that affiliated businesses are error-free in their human rights work.

By Bergen Næringsråd and Raftostiftelsen