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Clara Venture Labs - opening of new offices in Bergen

Clara Venture Labs celebrates major investments in green solutions with the opening of new offices in Bergen.

Alma Bernt Michelle grand opening third floor Siv Elin Skoglund

By Geir Omdal, Head of Marketing at Clara Published

Photo above - Bernt Skeie, CEO Alma Clean Power, and Michelle Williams, CEO Clara Venture Labs.

The adventure continues and we are expanding our premises! Thursday 21st of April, Clara Venture Labs invited nearly 100 employees and partners to celebrate the opening of a brand-new Clara Venture Floor at Fantoft in Bergen. The new offices make up a 1000 sqm extension of the Clara facilities, a necessary measure to accommodate for the company’s expansion plans.

"After Aker’s acquisition of Clara, we have been scaling up our workforce and our ambitions. The new offices mark the beginning of a new era – we are ready to turn our ventures into disruptive industrial adventures that will solve many of our world’s most pressing environmental challenges” said Michelle Williams, CEO of Clara Venture Labs.

Clara’s ventures, Alma Clean Power, Additech, LayerOne, Map-G and RFCS Space Tech held “in a nutshell” presentations about their breakthrough innovations.

“Clara Venture Labs is making some major investments now. It is urgent to solve the challenges of global warming, and we are determined to make a difference”, said Bernt Skeie, CEO in Alma Clean Power.

Alma Clean Power is the first company that has been launched as a venture from Clara. Alma will contribute to solve the climate challenges in deep sea shipping and has hired 30 new employees with the aim to bring its high temperature fuel cell technology to the market.

“This is only the beginning. Industrial activities that will generate many new job opportunities will be established in and around Bergen the next 4 years. Clara has brought the industrial flagship Aker to Bergen, increasing the possibilities for success”, said Torleif Stokke, Head of Commercialisation in Alma.

Alma Torleif Stokke grand opening third floor Siv Elin Skoglund
Torleif Stokke, Head of Commercialisation in Alma.

The event’s evening programme revealed that in addition to bright innovative minds, Clara also has plenty of musical talent across the various companies. The stage was available with guitars and microphones, and many of the colleagues took the opportunity to play, sing and entertain.

Yvonne Nordvik Sivertsen grand opening third floor Siv Elin Skoglund
Guest singer Yvonne Nordvik Sivertsen.
Alma Amalie Tjalve grand opening third floor Siv Elin Skoglund
Amalie Melsom, Investment Associate at Aker, and Tjalve Magnusson Svendsen, Project Director in Alma.

Thank you to all our guests for coming and making the evening memorable.

All photos - credit Siv-Elin Skoglund.

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