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Clara Venture Lab’s first Summer Fellowship successfully completed with impressive results

This summer nine students selected from leading European and US universities have spent the summer with Clara Venture Labs (CVL) in Bergen. Their mission was to explore and challenge some of the early phase venture innovations the company currently is working on. Thursday 11th August, the students presented their findings to CVL and Aker Asset Management (AAM).

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By Annette Frotjold, Marketing and Communications Manager Published

“The Fellowship Program is part of our recruitment strategy. To build the leading technology companies of the energy transition, we need access to a pool of talented and ambitious students from the best technical and commercial schools in Europe. The fellowship program gives us visibility among the young talents, while providing valuable support to our investment strategy”, says Einar Eilertsen from Aker Asset Management.

The students were divided into the three teams:

Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES)
Water Propulsion Systems (WPS)
Waste treatment

During the summer the students conducted comprehensive market and technology studies aiming to provide investment and innovation recommendations to CVL and AAM. Each team was supported with three experienced mentors represented by scientists and engineers from CVL and investment experts from AAM.

“This is our first Fellowship Program and these students have shown us that there’s great value in the initiative. I am impressed by the work they have delivered this summer, their dedication, positive attitude and proactiveness. We have received valuable insights and a lot of data that we will bring with us in our innovation processes”, says Michelle Williams, CEO in Clara Venture Labs.

Behind the innovations from CVL is the ambition to find breakthrough solutions to the most pressing climate challenges, enabling a Net Zero society. The company has a systematic approach to launching new technology ventures, focusing on accelerating the TRL* of new technologies so that they can be spun-off as independent ventures with commercially viable products.

Follow CVL on LinkedIn and Facebook where videos the students have made about the Summer Fellowship will be posted.

*Technology Readiness Level

About Clara Venture Labs
Clara Venture Labs systematically creates science-based innovations that serve as the foundation for startup companies. Clara was founded in 1988 (then called CMR Prototech), and for more than 30 years, entrepreneurially minded scientists have been inventing new technologies and solutions that will enable us to achieve a Net Zero society.

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