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The new lunar vessel from NASA and ESA, Orion spacecraft, is entering its last test phases before launch planned in 2021

Clara (previously Prototech) has delivered equipment to the spacecraft!

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By Geir Omdal, Head of Marketing at Clara Published

Above: One of the Hydrophobic filters. Photo Clara.

Clara has designed and qualified hydrophobic filters. These will be used in the European Service Module, which is ESA’s contribution to the NASA’s Orion spacecraft. The service module provides among others the rocket engines, power, air, water, supplies and fuel for the entire vessel.

The water system of the Service Module is pressurized by a separate nitrogen system. It is imperative to avoid water from entering this nitrogen system, which may occur in case of an unintended loss of gas pressure. Hydrophobic filters are used rather than mechanical check-valves. The hydrophobicity of the ceramic membrane ensures that water is prevented from passing through the filter up to 3.5 bar pressure differential, whereas gas is let through. The Norwegian company Keranor delivers the ceramic membranes.

After two years of intense work by all parties involved, despite the corona pandemic, the first Orion vessel is now fully assembled, tested and ready for the final phase before launch.

Orion artemis NASA

The new lunar vessel - Orion Spacecraft. Photo: NASA

More information about the latest status can be read in article at the Norwegian Space Agency, see link here (article in Norwegian).

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Oyvind Torvanger

Øyvind Torvanger

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